Recreation Committee, March 5, 2013

Condensed from draft minutes

Present: Committee members Justin Carey, Nicole Donovan, Tom Frantz, Christine Frost, Ellie George, Howard George, Alan Hanscom, Tim Norris, Brian Reynolds, and Kurt Weber.

The meeting focused primarily on the design and construction materials of the Blackwater recreation building as detailed below.

  • Design: Stickbuilt
  • Siding: Hardyplank
  • Roof: 30 year shingles
  • Mechanical: Space for electrical, water, and irrigation pump when that project can be completed.

After the Committee discussed the design and looked at drawings of the building, it was moved, seconded, and approved that the building design be accepted by the Committee.

Following the vote to approve the building design, the Committee discussed the importance of getting it built before baseball season was fully underway and the need to expedite construction.

If the building passes Town Meeting, the Committee decided it would ask for standing permission to purchase supplies as needed from the Board of Selectmen. A specific individual will do all the buying. All invoices must go through Alan Hanscom. There are no other expenses anticipated for the spring season.

Pat Frost will be in charge of the construction project, with Justin Carey supporting Pat. Pat wants to put together a strong crew and put up the building in a weekend or two in April.

Additional Funding

The Committee wishes to empower a committee member to speak to the issue of the $8,000 of donated money that was paid to the State of New Hampshire for the triangle of land that the Blackwater Park parking lot sits on. That money was donated to support the Recreation Building. If the Town is willing to reimburse the Recreation Committee this $8,000, there will be ample funds to complete the irrigation project for the two Town fields which would allow them to be watered without the use of expensive, treated Town water.

Ice Rink

Kurt Weber has committed a lot of time to keeping the ice rink snow free. Recently, after three hours spent with a snowblower, he was only about two-thirds done with clearing snow from the rink. Kurt thought that 10 kids with shovels was a much better way to go, but there is no easy answer. He wanted to get the hydrant fixed.