Louise Andrus’ Report from Concord, May 2021

By Louise Andrus

First of all, I want to reiterate to the citizens of Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury what I stand for as a member of the New Hampshire House, which has not changed.  I defend and uphold the United States Constitution and New Hampshire Constitution; I vote against any income tax or sales tax and any tax increases; I am pro Second Amendment; I am Pro Life; I am for limited government, and am for School Choice, and I support Law Enforcement.

In the March Beacon, an article was published which mentioned many different parts of democracy, elections, etc.  My thoughts are:

1. Democracy is best defined as a constitutional federal republic.  But I have found people do not  even mention what is most important when discussing democracy, which are the United States Constitution, the New Hampshire Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

2. As for voter suppression, in my opinion we do not have and we do not allow this in New Hampshire. Requiring “Voter ID” is not asking too much of a person who is voting in a town or city in New Hampshire. Every person in my opinion has some type of ID.  We have to have some type of ID for about everything we do in life, from flying on a plane, to obtaining a vaccine, to applying for food stamps. How many cases of voter suppression do you know of in New Hampshire?

3. As for “dark money” in New Hampshire elections, I’m not sure I understand the thoughts behind the statement.  It should have been more specific, along with genuine facts to support the statement.


New Hampshire House

On April 7, 8, and 9, the full House was in session at the Sportsplex in Bedford.  It was three long but very interesting days.  I liked listening to the debates, and then I enjoyed the right to vote. Representatives Louise Andrus and Natalie Wells voted “yea” on the budget HB 1A and HB 2.  We, the Republicans, did it!  I want to thank all for the hard work of the New Hampshire House Finance Committee. The New Hampshire House Republicans were able to pass a budget which was balanced, fiscally responsible, and did not raise any taxes or fees.

Republicans were sent to Concord with a directive from the voters: lower taxes and use the taxpayers’ money wisely.  I am very excited that we Republicans kept our promise.  We lowered the Business Profits Tax and the Business Enterprise Tax and increased the filing threshold. We lowered the Rooms and Meals Tax. No matter who you are, you pay this tax, either on a restaurant or hotel bill. This tax cut will make a difference.

In the budget we are phasing out the Interest and Dividends Tax. This 5% income tax on interest and dividends is mostly paid by our retirees, who typically live off investments, and this taxes their savings. By phasing out this unfair tax the Republicans are sending a message to voters that we remain committed to low taxes.

This is a very short and simplified writing about the budget, but it funds government where it’s necessary, helps those most in need, cuts taxes, and doesn’t increase burdens on New Hampshire families or employers. You sent Louise Andrus and Natalie Wells to the Legislature to be fiscally conservative.

Space is limited here and I really cannot write about the bills that came forward in the House Sessions.  If you want to know how I voted, go to the New Hampshire General Court website. The citizens need to become more involved on bills in the Legislature. This is your State Government. Have a great month of May.