Corson Field Ready for Andover Girls Softball Season

Thanks to many volunteers for their help

By Chris Bentzler
Volunteer Garry George unveils the new first base plate for the newly cleaned up Corson Field. Photo: Jill Jones Grotnes

It was an incredible day on Saturday, April 10! The weather was perfect, and many people, families, and players came down to help with the field cleanup project at Corson Field behind AE/MS. We had many tasks to complete, and with unbelievable support we made it all happen.

Volunteers cleared the trees from the right field line and above the dugout of Corson Field. Cleanup day was on April 10, and many volunteers came out to help. Photo: Chris Bentzler

Folks arrived at 7 AM to take down trees that had grown into parts of the field that are considered either fair territory or playable territory. A special “Thank you!” goes to Dara Gove’s family for, not only the tree removal, but a complete clearing of all the debris. It was so clean looking, and the field just looks more open and beautiful with that area cleared.

Our bases were also removed and replaced with a new set. A special “Thank you!” goes to Garry George for his professionalism and level of detail to make this happen and for making it look awesome. We had people help with raking the field, around the field edge and dugouts, digging, clearing vines off the fences, mixing cement, grabbing equipment from Blackwater to bring up to our shed, and carrying and setting up our shed.

Garry also brought in tools to create a true edge in our infield. This project included scooping up dirt with shovels, raking, and simply using bare hands from foul first base territory all around the infield to foul third base territory.

We are thankful for the support from AE/MS with water access and replacing the home dugout bench and their overall support of Andover Girls Softball. The bench looks wonderful.

So many people, including many players, helped to complete these projects. We might still be there today without all that help. It was a true community effort, and AGS is truly proud and thankful for all the support. We are looking forward to starting our season and cannot wait to play some games on our revamped field.