Andover High School Reunion Cancelled Due to COVID Concerns

Remembrance of alumni who have passed

By Judy Poblenz Perreault ‘53

Once again, due to COVID-19, we were unable to hold the annual Andover High School reunion.  We hope by next year all will be vaccinated and we can resume all the activities that have been cancelled.

Thanks to Shirley Henderson Currier who had the foresight to save some copies of the Blue and White Banner, the school newspaper, we are able to bring you some interesting articles and poems.  I found this poem in the June 1952 issue. It was written by Judy Dickerson Barrett, who passed away in 2020. 

A Biology Test
“Biology test tomorrow,” I heard the teacher say, 

So I took my books home and studied

All that night and part of the next day.

I studied all the nervous system, 

And thought I had studied well, 

Then I reread the glands, 

And something silly about a cell.

We had the test in the morning; 

I tried with all my might. 

But when teacher passed it back, 

I had 18 wrong, two right.

I heaved a sigh of sorrow; 

I had studied so gosh darn hard, 

For Mr. Voultas didn’t ask the right questions, 

And I was caught off guard.

He asked the parts of the brain, 

And how were we to know.

We only read it in class, 

And it was only a line or two.

Now why don’t teachers in every subject,

It wouldn’t be a sin, 

Ask questions we know the answers to? 

Then I wouldn’t get another 10.

Note: Mr. Voultas’ first name was Lou. Students referred to him as “Low Voltage.” It’s close to 70 years later, and I bet students today feel the same way about tests.

Sadly, this year many of our Andover High School Alumni have passed away:
Helene Clark, 1946
Lila Stewart Miller, 1951
Janet Newcomb Corliss, 1945
Frank Baker Jr., 1947
Clarence (Charles) Putney, 1956
Margaret (Margie) Frost Fenton, 1951
Frank Monroe Haley, 1941
Clyde Donald Currier, 1947
Judith Dickerson Barrett, 1954
William (Bill) Thomas, 1954
Barbara Laughy Sanborn, 1951
Sousa Roberts Hoyt, 1958
Wilbur Grace, 1953
Esther Lajoie, two years at AHS; graduated from Franklin High School

Each year we are less and less. Not surprising, when the high school closed in 1961. Hopefully, we will see those who remain at next year’s reunion.