Proctor Academy to Welcome 118 New Students in September

Hopes are high for normal year

By Scott Allenby

In just over a month, Proctor will welcome students back to campus for what we hope will be a far more “normal” school year than we experienced last year. With a record enrollment of nearly 380 students, Proctor’s educational model focused on experiential learning, personalized attention, and integrated academic support continues to attract students and families from around the globe.

Among 118 new students, four countries and 19 states are represented. Proctor will welcome 65 new ninth graders, 27 new sophomores, 20 new juniors, and six one-year seniors. Each of these students found Proctor for a reason – perhaps it was the Learning Skills program, an athletics program, and off-campus offering, or an arts program – but what will unite them will be how quickly they see that the Proctor experience is not about who they are, but about who they could become by expanding their identity through taking new classes, trying new sports, or exploring a new art discipline.

Each of these new students will immediately step outside their comfort zone during Proctor’s 51st Wilderness Orientation Program in the White Mountains during the first week of September. Check out Proctor’s website at and our social media channels to learn more about the upcoming school year.