AE/MS Expanded Summer Program Offers Learning Fun

Supported by federal grant funds

By Dennis Dobe
Sahara and Lakota Peterson and friends Ryker Gregoire and Trey Douville make science discoveries at the AE/MS summer program. Photo: Jen Bent

With the support of federal grant funds, AE/MS was able to offer 20% of its students an Expanded Summer Program opportunity on campus this past July.  This meant that we could offer more students an opportunity to participate in our summer programming than in the past.  Additionally, we could offer participants more schooling days and hours, more staffing and support, meals, and transportation, as well.

Takoda Rosser has fun with bubbles at recess during the AE/MS summer program. Photo: Jen Bent
Kayden Bosworth digs for artifacts during the AE/MS summer program. Photo: Deana Crucitti

Our Expanded Summer Program featured three multi-age classrooms (Primary for kindergarten through second grade, Intermediate for grades three and four, and Middle School for grades five through eight) with about 15 students and three staff members in each. The kids got a lot of attention and support to benefit their academic and socio-emotional growth this summer.  Participants enjoyed four hours of academic activity each day, two recesses, and two meals. 

Our attendance rates were really high (not often the case for summer programs across our state), which would indicate that the kids found their classes worthwhile and highly enjoyable. The teachers supporting the program this year were able to make classes highly interactive, creative, engaging, hands-on, and fun.

Bethany Orcutt and Owen Whitcher enjoy lunch at the AE/MS summer program. Photo: Deana Crucitti

Each week featured a new theme in each multi-age class. Some of the weekly themes the kids enjoyed included: Dinosaurs, Shark Week, Adventure Camping, Oceans, New Hampshire Wildlife, Famous People, Chocolate, Olympics, and more.

Many thanks go to our staff members who supported this wonderful program for many of our students this summer.  Without them, the show could not go on.  We also thank the participating families for allowing us an opportunity to work with their very smart and capable children.