Andover School Board Minutes – June 1, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes

Board present: Aimee Menard, Dean Barker, and Dan Newton
Administration present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Hilary Denoncourt, Kathleen Boucher, Dennis Dobe, and Judith Turk
Public present: Lisa Burbach, Dennis Audet

Finance Report: Hilary reported on the 2020-2021 unassigned fund balance. At this time, a proposal was brought forth to acquire a versatile skid steer and attachments for the AE/MS grounds and parking lot (plowing, sanding, sweeping, moving dirt/materials/stone…) as well as materials to build a shed for storage. Aimee recommended allocating up to $60,000 from the current unassigned fund balance. 

Dean made the motion to approve the purchase of skid steer, attachments, and shed materials, not to exceed $60,000. Dan made the second. 

It was noted that not having to contract out plowing and sanding will help offset the costs; this will pay for itself in a few years. Additionally, it was noted that skid steers do not rapidly depreciate, and students can be appropriately involved in figuring out plans for the shed (math opportunity). 

All were in favor, and the motion was approved.

Board Chairperson’s Report: Aimee spoke of some of the upcoming goals of the SAU Board to include the continued enhancement of the Arts, and transitions and connections between the Andover and Merrimack Valley School Districts. There will be a meeting of the committee that is focusing on the Merrimack Valley/Andover tuition agreement on June 15. 

Aimee acknowledged and thanked Dean for his service as he announced his retirement from the Andover School Board. Interested candidates to fill Dean’s seat should send an email to Aimee or the SAU, and they will be interviewed at the August Board meeting.

Principal’s Report: Dennis thanked Dean for his service to the Board. He spoke on the following topics: Math Program Review; Summer Program; Statewide Testing; End of Year Activities; and organization for the upcoming school year. 

He indicated that the planned window project will be put on hold due to a hold on federal funding at this time (by the DOE). A new door lock system is currently in the works, as well as other summer projects.

Old Business

ASD/MVSD Tuition Agreement Joint Review: Mark summarized that an upcoming joint discussion will be held on June 15. Adam will be submitting an article to the Beacon in the early fall. 

There are also plans to hold a community forum and receive feedback. They will hold off on surveys for now. The current agreement expires in 2024. A successor agreement should be put in place in 2023.

New Business

July Board Meeting: Aimee indicated that there will not be a necessity to hold a July meeting. Dean made the motion to set the next meeting for August 3 (which was then amended to August 10). Dan seconded and the motion was approved.

Policy: Dean made the motion to approve the revised policy, JIC – Student Conduct. Dan made the second. All were in favor and the policy was approved. Dean made the motion to approve the revised policy, JICD – Student Discipline and Due Process. Dan made the second. All were in favor and the policy was approved.

Personnel Update: There were two AE/MS staff resignations submitted to the Superintendent.

Superintendent’s Report: Mark thanked Dean and Judy for their service to the Andover School District and wished them well. He spoke of personnel changes, pending legislative actions, administrative meetings, new school year planning, and the ASD School Board Training to be held in August.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report: Randy also thanked Dean and Judy for their service to the school district. He spoke of a recent visit to AE/MS and indicated that he and Mark have been invited to present at the next Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference.