The Exchange Invites Shoppers to Visit Unique Market

By Tiffany Perkins
A group of vendors are seen here selling at The Exchange, a vintage and farm-inspired market, held on July 31 at Fox Ridge Farm on Cilleyville Road. The next events are on Saturday, September 11, and Saturday, October 16. Visit for more information. Caption and photo: Tiffany Perkins

Perhaps you’ve seen an ad for “The Exchange” somewhere in your travels? Or was it a sign on the side of the road one late July day? Or maybe you have read the buzz on social media about this local event? 

You’ve heard of it, your friends are talking about it, maybe your uncle went to it! But you still aren’t quite sure what “it” is! Is it a flea market? No. Is it a craft fair? Not quite. Is it an antique market? Also no. 

The Exchange is a vintage and farm-inspired outdoor market located right here in our beautiful town of Andover.  We feature local businesses selling an array of goods, from Andover’s own maple syrup to handmade signs, soaps, refinished furniture, clothing, jewelry, food, flowers, and so much more! 

At The Exchange we aim to provide customers with a collection of merchants who complement one another in such a way that helps to create the unique “feel” at our special market while providing locally owned businesses a forum to meet new customers and become closer to their dream: being a successful business owner. Whether that success involves a storefront in the future or simply supporting a hobby and talent, we want to be the springboard and cheer squad for them! 

In addition to hosting an array of talented vendors, we also provide space for local nonprofits to set up at our market, free of charge, and hold raffles dedicated to local charities and organizations.

While The Exchange is the result of over a decade of dreaming by my husband and I, opening a market like this is part of a personal journey. Years ago a friend brought me to a home decor shop (maybe you’ve heard of “Robin’s Egg”?) and encouraged me to pursue my hobby of salvaging discarded furniture pieces that I took up as an outlet after a significant life event. 

I did not think I had what it would take to sell at such a wonderful shop. But then, owner Robin took me in, gave me a break on the rent, and supported me. Soon my hobby grew to a very small business that has become what it is today! I’ll always be thankful for her generosity and for giving me a financial break so I could explore this newfound venture, and of course for my friend’s never-ending encouragement.

Encouragement, affordability, support, networking. These are the core values that I hope will encompass The Exchange. To keep the market affordable, we do charge a small admission fee of $2 per person that helps to keep vendor “rent” low and offsets the high cost of hosting such an event, as well as providing free space for nonprofits.

 Stop by The Exchange at Fox Ridge Farm, located at 216 Cilleyville Road, the next time we’re open on Saturday, September 11, and Saturday, October 16, from 8 AM to 2 PM, and see what we’re all about. We’re more than an open-air shopping experience … we’re a community partner. 

For more information or to contact us, please visit