Wilmot Community Association Seeks Volunteers

Annual Meeting being held in January

Press release

The Wilmot Community Association (WCA) operates with a vibrant and dedicated group of volunteers. In anticipation of our Annual Meeting in January, we are seeking volunteers to serve on the WCA Board of Directors – as members and officers.

This dynamic group oversees the strategies and management of the WCA. Members of the WCA board provide a terrific service to the community while making new friends and having fun. Throughout the year, the board works to ensure that Wilmot is a wonderful place in which to live.

Founded in 1963, the WCA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to bring neighbors together by providing facilities for a wide variety of activities. 

In addition, each year the WCA delivers several educational, social, and recreational programs and events. The organization owns two facilities: the Red Barn, a community center on Village Road; and Timmy Patten Park, a beach and playground on Shindagan Road.

The bylaws stipulate that board members must be members of the WCA. Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings, assist with programs and events, serve on committees as needed, and act as ambassadors for the organization in the community.

Talk to a current board member or e-mail the Volunteers Committee to learn more about the WCA and board, our goals, programs, and volunteer opportunities. The WCA would welcome your help to achieve our mission of bringing neighbors together. 

Thank you,

The WCA Board of Directors – Ann Davis, Adam Glass, Dana Bascom, Lori Meding, Amber Gove, Brian McCarthy, and Rachel Seamans

PS: Not ready to join the board but interested in volunteer opportunities at the WCA? We’d love to hear from you, too. 

And a note to students – volunteering at the WCA counts towards your community service hours!