Andover Select Board Minutes October 18, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes.

Members Present:  Todd Goings, Chair; John Kinney
Also present for duration of appropriate items:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Jon Champagne, Road Agent; Shawn Upton, Andover Conservation Commission; Wendy Pinkham; and Lisa Meier, Secretary

Conservation Commission

Upton stated he had emailed the Conservation Commission asking them to contact Ben Nugent regarding what to do and what to look for pertaining to the Beaver Deceivers (BD). He advised holding off on pulling them until he could contact DES so as to not violate any rules.  

Upton spoke with Jason Dudek regarding lowering the level of Highland Lake as there is a beaver dam upstream and Upton would like to measure the silt and water temperature. Upton will monitor the beaver dams so they do not clog the culverts. 

Kinney asked who the property owner is of the upstream dam and Upton stated he was unsure. 

Goings requested Upton ask Ben to ask the homeowners to remove the dam, and Champagne stated they can dismantle it stick-by-stick if they are not using equipment. 

Kinney asked if the best storage location is the Transfer Station or White Oak Pit, and Champagne responded at the Transfer Station.

Wendy Pinkham

Pinkham requested that the Select Board draw up a Warrant Article to pave Currier Road with a cost of $100,000.  Champagne stated it is cheaper to maintain a gravel road and that paving would just be a quick solution.  Champagne also stated there is not enough money in the budget to maintain the existing paved roads and that there is a plan to top coat Currier Road this fall.

Road Agent Report

Catch basins have all been cleaned, and he has a detailed list of all catch basins in town.

The cut in the asphalt on Flaghole Road has been paved in and compacted.

The pipe on Sam Hill took four hours to clean.

The wash-out on the side of Hoyt Road has been fixed.

There is a plan to add gravel to the gravel roads and will present the plan to the Select Board.

Another grader operator is needed.

The culvert pipe order was received with a price of $3,900.

Three loads of salt have been received, and one more will be coming in.

The F250 has been undercoated, and the F550 will be going out for undercoating.
Road patching was being done today.

The Select Board will meet with Champagne to specifically discuss paving jobs. The meeting is scheduled for October 25, 2021.

Fairfield was called regarding the new truck; however, they were closed.

A local plumber has stated he would close up the beach house, and it will cost the Town $375.

The cone plow was welded onto the grader by Brendan Newton.

The new steps for the pit were put in.

Met with Doug Miner regarding White Oak Pit, and he indicated a straw waddle should be installed rather than a silt fence.

Town Administrator Report

No quit claim deed is needed for White Oak Pit per Attorney Matt Serge.

Roy will collect the job descriptions and provide them to the Select Board.

Finance software has been installed except for one module, and Elita and Jessica are trained and are utilizing it.

Roy spoke with MTI, the Town software company, regarding training.

Correspondence / Signatures

A note was received from Avitar regarding updates to utility properties being billed additionally.

The Board signed the agreement with Nobis for testing in 2022 at the closed landfill.

Three renewal appointments for the Conservation Commission were signed by the Board.