Trout Ice Fishing Derby Draws a Decent Crowd in Spite of Cold

Kids' Ice Fishing on February 26

By Rich Gross

We had a decent crowd for the Trout Ice Fishing Derby, on February 5, even though it was cold and windy.

Adult Division

First: Jeff Lacharite, 3.3 lb, 17¾” Brook
Second: Nicholas Millett, 2.55 lb, 17” Brook
Third: Nicholas Millett, 2.5 lb, 17½” Brook
Fourth: Austin Sartwell, 2.5 lb, 16¾” Brook

Kids Division

First: Brady Turgeon, 2.6 lb, 16¾” Brook
Second: Kyle Greenwood, 2.45 lb, 16½” Brook

Winner of the 50/50 raffle was Aaron Dunn, for $258. Congratulations to all!

Kids Ice Fishing Derby

Our 37th annual Willis Nowell Memorial Kids Ice Fishing Derby is to be held at Eagle Pond in Wilmot, right off of US Route 4, on Saturday, February 26. This is open to all kids 15 years of age and under.

Registration starts at 9 AM, and the derby will start soon after and run until noon. There is no charge for the derby or for the food we provide. No tackle or bait is needed.

As usual, there will be food, drink, lucky prizes, ribbons, and trophies provided. Spread the word. For questions, call 603 496-4494.