Board of Selectmen Minutes, October 1, 2012

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Chairperson Mishcon, Selectmen Gross and Danforth, Town Administrator Marjorie Roy

Road Agent’s Report

Chairperson Mishcon asked Road Agent Jon Champagne about the value of the Road Surface Management System program. Jon said the value is evident when Road Agents change; there is information to pass on. He also stated that the crack sealing program should continue and that Hall Road, Plains Road, Bradley Lake Road, Chase Hill Road, and Emery Road all need top coating.

Jeff Andrews Custom Crushing letter: Custom Crushing was one of the first quotes Jon received. He never authorized anything. Jon told Custom Crushing that Andover was looking for a cone crusher. Jon never entered into any contract with Custom Crushing.

Green Oak Realty Corp. from Grafton has the best deal, and Jon recommends hiring them. Green Oak can provide four different materials. Jon is still negotiating price and will have quote on letterhead.

Sand screening started today at White Oak Road pit. Jon is hoping to get 3,000 yards. Brush and stumps have been taken to the Transfer Station. We usually stockpile 4,000 yards. We now have 1,500 yards previously screened. Fourteen loads for both trucks today.

Two hundred to 300 yards of sand mixed with salt will be available at the Transfer Station. Salt is being delivered by Eagle Leaf in Claremont. Jon has reserved 150 tons of salt. Reservation does not require purchase.

Chairperson Mishcon asked if Jon saw any upcoming changes. We have a serious tree and brush problem. Many roads are overgrown. Jon had hoped to delay until after the power company had done their trimming, but they have not even begun.

There is a need for specialized tree cutting, as there are approximately eighteen trees that need to come down. Ditching is also necessary. Both projects will require funding.

Bridges have been sealed with preservative. Inventory of preservative has been exhausted.

The Board directed Jon to think about any other projects that will utilize the available funds reserved in 2011.

There is a long-standing problem with the catch basin across from Tim Frost’s driveway on Maple Street. The catch basin was put in too high. Town water also runs into Carter’s side driveway.

Jim Shaw is wrapping up the roadside mowing. If the Board authorizes, we may get in a second swipe this year.