Nearly Twenty Pound Pickerel Takes First Place in Ice Fishing Derby

By Gordy Ordway
The Andover Fish and Game Club’s annual Ice Fishing Derby took place on Highland Lake on a bright, sunny day in February. In one category, Ian Szilagyi won first place with his 19 7/8-inch pickerel. Dashani Mariah won second place with a 19 1/2 inch, and Haddie Huyler third place with a 17-inch catch. In the other category, Lincoln Huyler won first place with an 11 1/8-inch perch, Haddie Huyler with a 10 1/2 inch, and Leon Nguyen with a 7 1/4-inch catch. Hanna Forge caught an 8 1/4-inch fish. Photo: Gordy Ordway