Andover School District Annual Meeting – March 7, 2022

Condensed from draft minutes

Moderator Adrienne Summers called the meeting to order at 7 PM.

Moderator Summers introduced School Board members: Adam Jones, Dan Newton, Lisa Burbach, and Brandon Adams; Budget Committee members: Donna Duclos, Mark Cowdrey, Greg Stetson, and Todd Goings (ex officio); SAU #46 Administration: Superintendent Mark MacLean, Assistant Superintendent Randy Wormald, Business Administrator Hilary Denoncourt, and Human Resources Director Kathleen Boucher; District Attorney Jim O’Shaughnessy; AE/MS Administration: Principal Dennis Dobe, Director of Student Services Beth Page.

Moderator Summers briefly reviewed the rules of the meeting. Only registered voters may vote. All meeting participants have the right to speak but may not be able to speak more than once during each specific discussion. Only one person at a time may speak, and all comments should be addressed to the Moderator. Motions to reconsider an Article may only be made immediately after the vote on the Article. Only one amendment will be considered at a time to maintain clarity.

Article 1: To see if the District will vote to accept the reports of Officials, Agents, Auditors, and/or Committees as printed in the School District report.

Adam Jones moved to accept Article 1, Greg Stetson seconded. Article 1 was adopted on a voice vote with no discussion.

Article 2: To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Six Million, Two Hundred Eighty-Three Thousand, Seven Hundred Seventy-One Dollars ($6,283,711) for the support of schools, for the payment of salaries of School District officers and agents, and for the payment of statutory obligations of said District. [The Budget Committee recommends passing this Article.] [The School Board recommends passing a budget in the amount of Six Million, Three Hundred Thirty-Three Thousand, Nine Hundred Eighty-Seven Dollars ($6,333,987).]

Donna Duclos moved to accept Article 2, Greg Stetson seconded.

Dean Barker moved to amend Article 2 to $6,333,987, Andrew Guptil seconded.

Leighton Terwilliger questioned the timing of the amendment. Adrienne Summers stated the motion was made and seconded, and the amended motion was now on the floor for discussion.

Andrew Guptil asked if the Budget Committee’s budget would affect staffing or benefits.

Mark MacLean explained the District was given a health rate increase of not to exceed 12.2% from the health insurance provider. The Board used that rate for budgeting.

Lisa Burbach gave an overview of the School Board’s recommended budget. Mark MacLean gave additional clarification in the School Board’s recommendations versus the Budget Committee’s recommendations.

Leighton Terwilliger asked if the Budget Committee still wants to decrease the budget or if they now agree with the School Board. Donna Duclos stated they would now agree with not decreasing the health insurance percentage.

Adam Jones reminded everyone that if money was not spent it would be returned to the taxpayers. Adam asked what the fund balance was last year. Hilary Dencourt stated that in 2021 the fund balance was $231,396. Adam asked Mark if he could provide an estimated tax rate increase for the Board’s recommended budget versus the Budget Committee’s
recommendation. Mark MacLean estimated the difference to be approximately $0.16 per thousand of valuation.

John Kinney asked the average cost per student and how that compares to other school districts. Mark MacLean stated that $18,500 per student is the approximate state average. MacLean estimated that considering the high school tuition agreement, ASD is likely under $16,000 per student.

Jay Hubbard stated he likes to know what his money is going towards and spoke in favor of a full time PE Teacher.

Leighton Terwilliger feels it was a gut punch to amend the budget before discussion. Despite that, he is in favor of the School Board’s budget.

Article 2 was adopted on a hand vote.

Katie Keyser moved to restrict reconsideration on Article 2, Andrew Guptil seconded. The motion passed on a hand vote.

Article 3: To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,000) to be deposited in the School Buildings Maintenance Expendable Trust for the purposes of saving for the boiler replacement with said funds from the June 30, 2022 unassigned fund balance available for transfer on July 1. No additional amount to be raised from taxation. [The School Board and the Budget Committee support this Article.]

Greg Stetson moved to accept Article 3, Donna Duclos seconded the motion.

Adam Jones stated we have been saving money to replace an aging boiler. The District currently has $73,488 saved. The Board is hoping for additional savings to replace the boiler.

Article 3 was adopted on a hand vote.

Article 4: To transact any other business that may legally come before this meeting. Andrew Guptil stated that in Article 1 we voted to accept the audit report as printed in the Annual Report, which is not printed.

Vicky Miscon moved to adjourn the meeting. Bill Keyser seconded. With no discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.