Andover Conservation Commission, March 2, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Nancy Robart, Sooze Hodgson, Lee Wells, Tina Cotton, Jerry Hersey, Jesse Schust, Jenny Bodwell
Also attending: Donna Duclos

Motion made by Lee to have our alternates be full voting members for this meeting, seconded by Tina. All in favor.

February Minutes: Minutes accepted as amended.

Agenda Addition: Ty and Sam Morris would like to be included in some of our meetings so they can inform us if any environmentally important properties come on the market. We can’t purchase everything, but we can contact other organizations – Forestry Society, ASLPT – and encourage conservation easements.

ASLPT Route 4A land status: Purchase and sale agreement has been withdrawn. ASLPT will be meeting tomorrow, March 3, to discuss acquiring the land. 


Sooze spoke with the real estate agent, price listed at $175,000 now, but agent feels that price could go lower and owner might be willing to see it go into easement. ASLPT is wondering how much we can contribute. 

Motion made by Nancy that we make a $10,000 donation to ASLPT for the purchase of the land and conservation (112 Route 4A) pending Select Board approval and ASLPT taking on this project. Seconded by Jesse. All in favor. 


Jesse will be the contact person with Andy. Action item: Jesse: Let Select Board know for their meeting on the 14th that we will be coming to the meeting on the 21st.

Brick Road Update: Andy Deegan, ASLPT, will let us know if there is any change.

Bernhard Easement: Ask Andy what and when the next step is.

Could ask Town for more in our budget for this kind of project, or we could ask that we get a higher percentage of the Change in Current Use Status, which would have to be a warrant article for next year. The latter would not affect the Town’s budget.

ASLPT Outreach Meeting: April 7; Nancy attend.

Correspondence: Verbal communication from Elita that we will be getting more money for our funds as a result of a couple of properties coming out of Current Use.

ACC Membership: Possibilities – Robin Benincase. Nancy will contact her.

Town Meeting Informational Table: Have brochures on table, a clipboard for signing up for possible new members, and how to join our meetings via Zoom.

Beaver Deceiver Update: Emery Road looks in good shape. Water was flowing through well during warm weather/melt.  Michelle reports that Elbow Pond Road is flowing well. Sooze reports that the Flaghole Road BD is flowing well.

Entry of Info to our Website: Lee will show Nancy how to do this.

Lakes Region Planning Commission: Potential members. This is in the hands of the Select Board; we may need to remind them of it. They need to approve, but maybe we can find candidates to attend quarterly meetings. Jesse will contact Harvey Pine.

Wetland Buffer Signage: Put signs up late Aprilt or early May.

Nancy has been in touch with Mary Anne about Merrimack County Conservation District for getting plants for us to give away.


Perspectives on the Geology of Andover and Salisbury. Thursday, March 24 at 7:00 pm on line only:  Zoom Meeting ID 81896927543 (Passcode: 3242022). Sponsored by Andover Historical Society, Andover Conservation Commission, and Salisbury historical Society.

SRK annual Board meeting – Sunday, April 10, at the white church in Sutton, near Kezar Lake at 5pm. Speaker will be Dave Anderson, Senior Director of Education at the Forest Society. Members and Guests are welcome. More details on SRK website. (

Motion made to close meeting by Lee, seconded by Sooze; all in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.