Andover School Board Minutes – April 5, 2022

April is the Board’s Organizational Meeting; as such, the superintendent presides.
Board Members Present: Aimee Menard, Dan Newton, Steve Chella, Kayla Chandler.
Administration Present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Dennis Dobe, Kathleen Boucher, Hilary Denoncourt, Dennis Audet, Beth Page
Public Present: Janet Moore, Matt Welch, Vanessa Welch, Donna Crisp Duclos
Superintendent opened the floor to nominations for a Chairperson of the Board. Newton made a
motion to appoint Aimee Menard Board chair. Chandler seconded, all in favor, motion carried.
Menard motioned to appoint Newton Vice Board chair. Chandler seconded, all in favor, motion carried.
Menard introduced the new Board members, Kayla Chandler and Steve Chella.
Newton motioned, and Chandler made the second, to appoint Katie Keyser as the Board’s alternate signer. All were in favor, the motion carried.
Financial Report
Denoncourt reviewed the current status of the budget; at this time the overages generally are due to special education contracted services. Chella moved to approve the finance report, Newton seconded. All were in favor with no discussion, the motion carried.

Public Comment
Duclos commented that the Budget Committee is being proactive for the upcoming year and will be meeting next Monday to review how the year went. MacLean noted that typically there is a School Board member who participates on the Budget Committee beginning in the fall.
Chairperson’s Report
Menard thanked the school staff for all their hard work this year. She noted that there is a SAU Board meeting on May 4. Menard noted that the School Board is in the process of
reviewing the high school tuition agreement, and this will continue at the next Board meeting on May 3.
Principal’s Report
Mr. Dobe spoke of a recent middle school dance, which was the first in over two years. The track and field program has just begun, and is up and running. The school held its second assembly this year targeting social emotional learning and citizenship. These assemblies have gone quite well. 

The school is looking into Responsive Classroom training for our classroom teachers before the upcoming school year. Later on this month, AE/MS will have a book fair and art show. Lastly, AE/MS will be participating in statewide testing next month.
Ms. Page reported that she’s seeing needs increasing, but is working with Mr. Dobe to ensure the staffing model will be supportive for the known needs for next year.
Mr. Audet continues working on door locks, researching the boiler, etc. Mr. Audet and some teachers (Minnehan, Bramley) are also working to update the AE/MS school sign, using wood and 3-D printed materials. Mr. Audet is also looking into working on the medians in the parking lot; he noted that trees are dead, and the grass could use a bit of a boost. 

Local groups have an interest in putting a planting of flowers in front of and around the AE/MS signage, and have reached out to complete the amphitheater project on the AE/MS campus.
The team spoke of grants that Andover School District has access to. Chandler asked if a team has been gathered to begin work on that grant; this is still in progress. Chandler also asked about the current status of the AE/MS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO); Dobe would love to start that.
New Business
Staffing: Matt Orlando, Physical Education teacher, has put in his resignation effective immediately and has already left AEMS.
Deana Crucitti, Kindergarten teacher, has put in her resignation effective the end of the school year.
Superintendent’s Report
Randy Wormald earned the New Hampshire School Administrators Association Outstanding Service Award.
MacLean spoke of changes on the Merrimack Valley School Board and reiterated the May 4 meeting. MacLean and Wormald recently met with all new teachers in the District to get feedback. The labor shortage is not unique to AE/MS, it is rampant throughout the country in all businesses.
Assistant Superintendent’s Report
Wormald provided a shout-out to Page, from her reviews during the new teacher meetings.
Action from Non-Public Session
Stephen Chella made a motion to accept the slate of teacher nominations, seconded by Dan. Motion carried. Stephen Chella made a motion to accept the nomination of Laura Manteau as new physical education teacher for the 2022-23 school year, seconded by Dan. Motion carried.