Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – May 11, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Lee Wells, Nancy Robart, Sooze Hodgson, Tina Cotton, Jerry Hersey, Jesse  Schust

Also attending: Donna Duclos, Vicky Mishcon,

Lee made a motion that Tina and Sooze are full members for tonight’s meeting. Seconded by Sooze, all in favor.

April Minutes-review/accept :  Motion made to accept – all in favor.

ASLPT  – $150. Annual membership fee approved.

Rt 4A Land status:  ZBA will meet next Tuesday to make a decision, if they grant the exception, they need to go back to the planning board, and there will need to be a public hearing (mid-June). In spite of the quality of the proposal, we need to not support this land becoming a commercial property. A copy of the statement Jesse read for the ACC at the earlier ZBA meeting will be mailed to the ZBA before their next meeting.

Outreach Meeting – March & Roundtable meeting – no minutes to share.

Correspondence- Nancy has received all the monitoring reports.

ACC MEMBERSHIP–    Sooze agreed to be more active until Jesse is able to be more predictably active again.

ACC Monitoring of concern – Bradley Lake.  Nancy spoke with Mr. Grasmere, he gave her alone permission to see the property.  Donna went with her and stayed on the road.  Nancy met with the contractor, and together they walked the property.  Nancy observed that there was no silt fence and sent him a letter asking him to install one. 

Discuss process for community concerns. Suggestions from (NHCCA) Barbara Richter. If there are concerns, community members should send a signed communication to the ACC or come to our next meeting.  If it is a very serious concern, we can call a special meeting to which they can come. We can put an explanation in the Beacon.  

Bernhard/Mayman Easement – Nancy will email Andy Deegan at ASLPT –  saying that we approve the Bernhard/Mayman request for modifications which are more protective than the original terms of the easement.

ZBA – next week – May 17th Nancy will attend with Jesse’s letter/statement.

Planning Board – Donna chair/Nancy is now a member.  Goals – work force housing, expand village to allow more housing, rural residential to allow two family homes, solar, commercial zones, reviewing/updating master plan.

Select Board selling Town lots  – goes against Article 15 – Town Meeting 2018. Neither consultation with the Conservation Commission nor 2 public hearings took place. Marj will need to attend to this when she returns from the conference.

ACC is to keep track of land owned by the town or state – see RSA 36A-2. – Vicky handed out a copy.

The committee worked on a letter to submit to the Town Administrator re: the sale of the town owned land.

Recycling Committee & NRRA Attendance.  Nancy spoke with Vicky Mishcon about the recycling Committee. The committee was phased out.  Nancy will be attending the NRRA Conference next Monday. Tina made a motion that we reimburse Nancy for attending this conference & mileage, seconded by Lee: all in favor.

We should be in communication with the Water Commission as they don’t have a presence on the town website.

Beaver Deceivers:  Vicky gets inquiries from all over the country about the Beaver Deceivers as her name is on the original study. All in favor of Vicky responding to these kinds of inquiries.

Emery Road BD in good shape, some debris at the filter pipe, but the culvert is completely clear, water flowing well, the beavers are very active. Donna will monitor Flaghole and Switch Road, Michelle will continue to do Valley Road as well as Elbow Pond Road.

Lakes Region Planning Commission: Harold Tuttle is interested in being one of our reps. He would like to be recommended to the Select Board for this. Contact Harvey Pine as possible second rep.

LCHIP– Newman Property Walk.  Lee did this with Jocelyn Duffy, walked around the house and the fields below the house for an hour.

Wetland Buffer Signage: update: Lee, Sooze, Nancy, Ken will meet at 9:30 on Friday to install signs.

Jesse will show us how to find logging permits and wetland permits on line.