EAVP Says Goodbye to Graduates, Welcomes Students to Summer Camp

Andover's Stephanie Mitchell joins staff

By Stephanie D'Amour
On this beautiful sunny day at preschool, Miss Robyn steps back to reflect on the picturesque view on our playground. The children are working in the sand area, building sand castles, digging up treasures, and using their imagination in so many ways. We often appreciate the beautiful wisteria plant climbing around our pergola, along with the other variety of greenery in bloom right now. Caption: Stephanie D’Amour. Photo: Robyn Boisvert

June was a fun month for preschool as we wrapped up our school year. We went on walks on the rail trail, practiced for graduation, spent lots of time outside and prepared our garden. 

Although we were sad to say good-bye to the school year and the 11 children off to kindergarten, we looked forward to welcoming many of the children back for summer camp, as well as some alumni students and new students. It has been a while since EAVP has offered a summer camp, so we are so excited to have the children in the school and having fun in the sun. 

We recently welcomed a new staff member to our teaching team. Stephanie Mitchell has joined us and is also an Andover community member.

With help and support from the Andover Community Church, EAVP has made some improvements recently. One of our current parents, Ryan, took his personal time to remodel our bathroom and will continue construction in the hallway and utility closet. We love our old, historic building, but some enhancements sure have made our school a little bit brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. 

This summer we also have plans for some new playground equipment and activities, since we like to spend so much time outdoors. We love to bring learning to nature!

Enrollment is still available for the 2022/2023 school year. Email EAVP@nulltds.net to learn more about us or to schedule a tour.