E-Bike Lending Comes to Andover and New London

Loaners in Andover September 21 and 27

By Larry Chase

As gasoline prices top $5 a gallon, and as alternatives to the internal combustion engine grow, the focus on electric bikes is increasing across the country – not least in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, where an Upper Valley E-Bike Lending Library is under way in its second year.

Vital Communities shows off one of their loaner e-bikes, part of an e-bike lending program aimed at giving people the chance to try out one of these electric bikes.

What this means for Andover residents is two local opportunities to try out various types of e-bikes for free – one in New London, between Wednesday, July 20 and Tuesday, August 9; and one in Andover between Wednesday, September 21 and Tuesday, September 27. In both instances, two kinds of e-bike experiences will be offered: one-hour demos, and overnight borrowing. And four different varieties of e-bikes will be available.

In New London, the Lending Library will be managed by the New London Energy Committee and located at the offices of the New London Recreation Department at 25 Seamans Road. 

In Andover, the project will be managed by the Andover Energy Group and located at the Andover Historical Society’s freight shed on Depot Street in Potter Place.

For more information, contact Vital Communities at 802 291-3939 or VitalCommunities.org/events.