Reader Feels Democrats are Focusing on Wrong Issues

By Gene Shaw

This letter is in response to a recent letter published in The Andover Beacon by Pecco Beaufays. In this letter, he states that he “feels sorry” for the Andover residents who still believe and support the lies of Donald Trump. I think, if you check the facts, you will find out that the Democrats are not immune from telling lies.

As the Democrat-led January 6 hearings continue, in my opinion, to waste taxpayers money, everyone, again in my opinion, knows the real purpose of the hearings is to prevent Donald Trump from taking back the Presidency in 2024. I find it ironic that nothing, at least to my knowledge, has been done to prosecute those involved in the so called “peaceful protests” throughout the country, which included burning, looting, and the tearing down of statues of many prominent American heroes.

Why is it that instead of pointing out all of Biden’s accomplishments like the record high gas prices, record inflation, a border crisis like we have never seen before, the Democrats try to draw the attention away from our current crisis by going after Trump for what happened 18 months ago? They blame the current increases on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which I believe would never have happened if Trump had remained our President.

It’s sad to see our country continue in the current direction, led by a President who I feel is incoherent and cognitively declining. After Biden in the order of the succession is Kamala Harris, and next is Nancy Pelosi. Is this the best that the Democratic party has to offer?

Gene Shaw