Andover Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre Receives 2022 Dedication

Annual recognition given by Fourth of July Committee

Press release
Andover Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre received the annual Fourth of July Committee dedication for 2022. Photo: Sharon Lefebvre

Each year the Andover Fourth of July Committee chooses an outstanding volunteer to receive the annual dedication. This year, they are very pleased to announce their choice of Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre. The following text appeared in the booklet printed by the Committee for the celebration:

Andover is very fortunate that Rene Lefebvre made East Andover his home in 1977. And our community is even more fortunate that Rene started volunteering with the East Andover Fire Department. Rene and Sharon raised their daughters, Martha and Amy, and are now the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.

Over the years, Rene has volunteered thousands of hours to keep the Andover community safe. We admire his courage and bravery. We appreciate his regular articles in The Andover Beacon regarding fire safety and prevention. 

It is community members like Rene that make Andover a special place. Not only does he respond to emergencies, but he also works to educate and mitigate situations before a problem arises. He has been an amazing resource for schools, businesses, organizations, and for community members.

Deputy Chief Stephen Barton Sr. summed it up well when he said, “If I was asked for an example of dedication or volunteerism, I would say Rene Lefebvre is a prime example. For each time his pager has gone off, Rene is always one of the first members to respond and one of the last to go home. He has been a member of our team for 44 years, and has led us for 39. I feel that is pure dedication to our community.”

Rene has always been involved with the Fourth of July festivities. Over the years you’ve seen him on a firetruck, fundraising on the Green, or at the Andover Fire Station.

The Fourth of July Committee and the town of Andover are very grateful to Rene. His years of dedication and commitment to Andover exemplifies community spirit!

Thanks, Chief!