Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – August 10, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Members Present: Nancy Robart, Tina Cotton, Lee Wells, Jerry Hersey.
Also attending: Nance Teach, Donna Duclos.

Correspondence: Email from Michelle Lambert about new Highway Department manager’s misunderstanding about the Elbow Pond Road Beaver Deceiver (BD).  Nancy called Frank and had a good conversation with him.  

Nancy felt that he was supportive of the intent of the BD, and he has good ideas about BDs. We will work on setting up a field trip with him to visit the BDs and go over the records we have been keeping on them.

ASLPT: Bernhard/Mayman easement paperwork is now complete – paperwork needs to be sent to AG’s office, we will cover the legal fees. Nancy will follow up with Andy Deegan.

ZBA: no news on the Route 4A property.

Planning Board: Working on the Master Plan.  Issue with the Buswell property (Route 4) area. Town owns an adjacent piece that someone wants to buy.  The Select Board will need to check the title, then consult with us, the Planning Board, and hold public hearings.

Select Board: Follow up is needed on the remaining Town-owned properties. Nancy will follow up with Marj.  We will need to have a plan before the warrant article on the Dyer’s Crossing parcel goes to Town Meeting ‘23.  We should hire Earle Chase to check out to see if it is buildable and if a septic system can go in. 

Motion made by Tina to not spend more than $500 to assess Dyer’s Crossing property and have a report/diagram to present at Town Meeting . Seconded by Jerry: all in favor. Need to keep the Select Board well informed.

ACC Membership: Nance Teach here to see what our meetings are like to see if she is interested.

Beaver Deceiver Update:  See above re: Elbow Pond BD.  Emery Road BD in good shape.  We need to contact Marj and Select Board about Valley Road BD removal now that the water level is low and DES concerns about releasing silt should not be as large an issue.

Lakes Region Planning Commission: Hal Tuttle has withdrawn his name.  Lee will contact Harvey Pine to see if he is interested.

ACC Partnerships: Andover Garden Club – still hoping that Mary Lou will come to a meeting. We might be able to  work together on permaculture projects.

Kearsarge Climate Action Group/Ten Town Project: Ten Town Project is to work on plastic recycling. They had a presentation at the NRRA conference. Plan is to get 10 towns to really focus on reducing plastic use and recycling plastic. Hub showed a documentary on reducing plastics – a project done by kids in NYC.

Andover Energy Group: Will be organizing an E-bike event in September.