Conservation Commission, September 12, 2012

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Larry Chase, Tina Cotton, Sandra Graves, Jerry Hersey (chair), Nan Kaplan, Harvey Pine

Old Business

Local trail-mapping project, Harvey reported that actual trails on Proctor Academy lands do not correspond completely with trails shown on Proctor orienteering maps. Work with a GPS unit needs to be done to update maps to better indicate current trails.

For better organizing the map collection in the Town Hall meeting room and in storage, Larry distributed an annotated list of 41 maps, now numbered for easier retrieval. No progress has been made on weeding out maps no longer needed or determining how best to store them. Sandra said she has a cardboard box that may be of use.

For a conservation easements photography exhibit, Larry reported difficulty in getting property-owners’ contact information from Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust (ASLPT). It was suggested that he could find the information himself using town tax records.

For a possible collaboration with the Andover Historical Society in producing the Society’s 2014 fund-raising calendar, Larry reported that the Society now plans to focus on photography promoting its holdings rather than on local conserved lands.

For a local “Taking Action for Wildlife” effort, Tina circulated an application form and asked for input on priority action-items. She will submit an application to UNH Cooperative Extension, organizer of the state-wide effort, on behalf of the Andover Conservation Commission (ACC).

New Business

To monitor conservation easements held by the town of Andover, Jerry and Nan will contact the appropriate property owners.

For a possible ACC public event next summer, Larry suggested a dragonfly walk led by Ausbon Sargent staffers. He attended a similar and very successful walk in July, held in the Esther Currier Wildlife Management Area in New London.

With regard to a planned winter tree harvest in the Kearsarge Wildlife Management Area, Larry said he would contact Tom Natale of the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands for advice and counsel with regard to publicity.

Scenic Roads: A discussion on designating additional Andover thoroughfares as Scenic Roads was held but led to no action item.

Public Event: A discussion on a possible winter public event (talk, workshop, etc.) was held but led to no action item.