Governor Sununu’s Record Contradicts Moderate Stance

By Judith Ackerson

Governor Sununu pretends to be a moderate. He is anything but. Examples that contradict this stance are: his abortion plan attached to the budget, which interferes with a woman’s right to seek appropriate medical attention; his school voucher program which takes money away from our public schools (appointing a head of the Department of Education who I feel is totally unqualified); and blaming Democrats for inflation and utility bills (not true). All examples, in my opinion, point to his embrace of outside influences.  Let’s talk energy.

Governor Sununu is responsible for us being at the mercy of the fossil fuel industry which he continually protects. He diverted Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds to consumer rebates, which averaged a piddly $7.50 per household. Over the objection of 12 out of 13 mayors, Sununu vetoed bills that would implement net metering which would reduce municipal energy costs.

Sununu’s Public Utility Commission (one member a climate change denier, another with no energy background) has blocked funding to New Hampshire Saves which would cut monthly energy costs to households, while neighboring states have embraced solar and wind technology at considerable savings to residents.

Sununu appointees have decimated New Hampshire Saves, whose energy efficiency projects have kept hundreds of millions of dollars in the New Hampshire economy.  We currently spend $6 billion annually in fuel costs to entities outside of our state for heating oil or gas.

Governor Sununu continually fails the people of New Hampshire, in my opinion.  It’s time for a new governor. Please vote for Tom Sherman.

Judith Ackerson