Carlisle Supports Rights, Health, Safety, and Social Support Programs

By Peg Boyles

 Lorna grew up in a large family in Webster, absorbing the rural virtues of hard work, frugality, and a love of nature. She’s lived in Salisbury for 18 years, operating a small farm and seasonal farm stand. After her partner Ray died last fall, Lorna continued farming on her own, having retired from a successful sales career.

Lorna is generous, caring, and smart. She’s a deep listener and a fast learner. She’s been a mom, stepmom, and family caregiver.

She decided to run for office as she watched New Hampshire Republicans unveil plans to eliminate long-supported rights, and weaken public health, safety, and social-support programs.

As a legislator, she’ll work to ensure:

• Strong public health and safety initiatives based on sound science.
• A sustainable energy infrastructure that can blunt the threats of climate change.
• Reproductive choice for women that also affirms “life,” with initiatives that actually support pregnant women, families with young children, and people lacking health insurance.
• Strong public education that benefits all, rather than taxpayer-funded “education choice,” detached from public accountability, and without guardrails to check its expansion.
• Public education that doesn’t censor classroom discussions of uncomfortable but accurate facts, or remove age-appropriate books and other learning materials from schools.

Lorna has a wicked sense of humor. She can imitate any bird call and get an immediate response from a nearby tree. She also plays the fiddle.

Vote Lorna Carlisle: She’s the whole package!

Peg Boyles