Andover Select Board Minutes July 19, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Michelle Dudek (Chair), Jim Delaney, Andy Guptill, Frank Brison

Public: John, Cheryl Swensen (Cemetery Committee), Beth Frost (Cemetery Committee), Ken Tripp

Select Board Vacancy

Jim motioned to appoint Andy Guptill as Select Board member to fill the vacant spot.  Michelle seconded.  All were in favor.

Highway Department
Frank is working on obtaining a quote to shim Depot Street. 

Signatures are needed for the Fenvale culvert work and Channel Road culvert work.  Marj has work orders which were not in the documents left for the meeting.

Board signed order for culvert purchase (for Channel Road).

Backhoe got a flat tire at Transfer Station.  Request for rear and front spare tires was unanimously approved by the Board.

Frank requested Michelle’s help updating the cameras at the garage.

Frank suggested adding a full-time Transfer Station employee to the 2023 budget.  This position could also help out on Highway Department as hours allow.

Plows will have new types of cutting edges this year in hopes of saving time and money.

The Board and Highway Super reviewed last year’s plow contract and discussed 2022-2023:

  • Post September 1
  • Add that contractors have 45 minutes to respond to Hwy Super’s call
  • Add that contractors should expect to include three to four hours of clean up on their route after a weather event
  • Need wording and process/recordkeeping to address weather events where a contractor does not show – no show = that amount being deducted from contracted payment
  • Any backup operators need proof of insurance with Town Hall
  • Routes will remain the same
  • Payment will remain the same

Cemetery Committee
Discussion regarding water at the cemetery.  $2,500 to install. Cemetery Committee still needs to meet to discuss the plan. It is important that all parties communicate regularly.  It is suggested that the Board and Cemetery Committee meet quarterly. Town Hall does not have a key to the pump house and needs one.

Transfer Station Trailer

Marj has the cost info on repairs, but rails are missing and cannot be welded.  Jim provided cost info on used trailers, but there is concern with their age.  Andy will look into trailers from a refuse trailer dealer in Salem.  The Board needs to know how much money is available in the capital reserve for replacement.


Invite Harold Tuttle from Planning Board to next meeting

Michelle read an email exchange from Ed Hiller regarding Beaver Deceiver on Valley Road.  The Board would like Frank to look into DES permitting to remove the device.

Ken Tripp requested the Town re-energize the Recycling Committee.  He would be willing to serve, but not chair.  Ken discussed the many grants available and would like to see the committee provide community outreach and education.  Ken also suggested bringing to Town Meeting pay-as-you-throw trash disposal with clear bags.