Andover Recreation Soccer Wrap-Up; Basketball Sign-Ups

Looking for new director for next season

By Scott Allenby

Andover’s Rec Soccer program completed a successful fall season thanks to the tireless effort of volunteer coaches at all levels. A huge thank you to each of these coaches for stepping up and making sure our youth had a positive experience on the soccer field. Each team was able to experience wins, losses, and the learning that goes along with athletics.

The 5th/6th grade boys and girls teams both took part in playoff tournaments to end the season, representing the town even if they did not bring home a championship. The 3rd/4th grade teams did the same at the Bob Andrew’s Jamboree held at the New London Outing Club on October 16. If you see the coaches listed below around town, give them a pat on the back and a big thank you for all their work this season!

Grades K-2 Clinics: Molly Leith (lead), Jack Williams, and Ryan DiStefano
Grade 3/4 Boys: J and Lauren Koron and Kayden Will
Grade 3/4 Girls: Stephanie McDonald and Kirsten Goodwin
Grade 5/6 Boys: Shane Szilagyi
Grade 5/6 Girls: Isaiah Mason and Kirsten Goodwin

As we look ahead to next year, Andover Rec Soccer is in dire need of a new Director (or Directors). Please spread the word and consider stepping into this role so that we can be sure to continue to offer youth sports for the Town of Andover. If you are interested, email Scott Allenby ( or Alan Hanscom ( to learn more.

Andover Rec Basketball: Sign-Ups and Preview

The Andover Rec Basketball season will begin in mid-November. Signups are due by November 7 and can be found on the Andover Rec As in past years, the Grades K-2 group will take part in weekly clinics on Sunday afternoons, while the 3rd and 4th graders will compete in the ICB League out of Penacook with other Merrimack Valley feeder schools. The 5th and 6th grade teams will take part in the Merrimack League.

Games will take place on Saturdays starting December 3 and running through mid-February for Grades 3-6. All interested families should complete the registration forms as soon as possible, as late registrations will not be accepted due to the need to finalize rosters for each league. Questions should be directed to Andover Rec Basketball Director Scott Allenby at