Mentoring at AE/MS Becomes an Annual Tradition

Goal is for kids to connect with each other

By Adalyn Boucher
8th graders eat with their kindergarten buddies as part of the AE/MS mentoring program. Caption and photo: Kasey Schoch

The mentoring program at AE/MS is a great experience for both younger and older students. Lisa Lane, AE/MS school counselor, started this program about 10 years ago and she chose the eighth graders to mentor kindergarten students. Lisa picked the eighth graders because they’re responsible, great role models, and the kindergarteners look up to them. Activities such as games, reading, physical challenges, arts and crafts, and more are done during mentoring which typically happens once a week.

The ultimate goal of the program was for kids to connect with each other, have fun, and make a positive impact in someone’s life. Isaac Norris and the other eighth graders started mentoring the kindergarteners earlier in the school year. Isaac said he does mentoring because, “I enjoy it, and I like doing fun activities with my little buddy, Evalyn.”

Whenever it’s time for mentoring, Evalyn always gets excited. She likes playing games with Isaac when they’re together during mentoring. Evalyn loves that Isaac is nice, and fun to be around. This program definitely strengthens the AE/MS community in an amazing way.