South Danbury Church News, March 2023

Digging into Abenaki history

By Linda Wilson

The South Danbury Church will host “Digging into Native History,” presented by Archaeologist Robert Goodby on Friday, March 31 at 6 PM.  As Goodby explains, “Abenaki history has been reduced to near invisibility as a result of conquest, a conquering culture that placed little value on the Native experience, and a strategy of self-preservation that required many Abenaki to go ‘underground,’ concealing their true identities for generations to avoid discrimination and persecution.” His illustrated presentation reveals archaeological evidence that shows their deep presence here, inches below the earth’s surface. The program is sponsored by New Hampshire Humanities as part of its “Humanities to Go” series and is free and open to the public. The church is at 1411 U.S. Route 4 in South Danbury NH 03230, 603 744-8073, All are welcome! For more information about New Hampshire Humanities programs, visit

Thank you to everyone who braved the coldest wind chill temperatures in 50 years, and the darkness of a multi-town power outage, to enjoy Rebecca Rule’s stories – sponsored by New Hampshire Humanities and its “Humanities to Go” program – on February 3. Lit by battery-powered candles, it was almost like time-traveling to the church before electric lighting (and heating). The ambiance was so delightful we may do another candlelit program, but in warmer weather! Our outdoor “Love Your Neighbor” drive-by fundraiser for the Danbury Community Center “Home Goods Shelf” on February 12 was also a successful (and far less chilly) occasion. Thanks to all who gave so generously!