Roland Carter – Candidate for Select Board

By Roland Carter

My name is Roland Carter. As an Andover resident, I am running for the three-year term for the Select Board. A New Hampshire native, I served in the United States Army for three years, managed automobile dealers and construction equipment dealers, and currently own and operate, in its tenth year, an equipment and parts business.

Roland Carter – Candidate for Select Board

While living in Pittsfield, I volunteered to be on the Planning Board as an alternate. I was also the chair for the Community Development Committee, working with UNH Cooperative on programs to help boost businesses in town.

Many of my New England-based customers sit on boards and committees in their respective towns.  I believe much can be gained from peer-to-peer collaboration and a collective knowledge base, which I am able to draw from. I have seen how some towns have turned themselves around and become stronger communities through this working collaboration. I have seen many situations worked through with most of them.

The town of Andover is a beautiful town. It has the character that fits my personality, pretty laid back and full of caring people. I would like to serve on the Select Board to keep our town moving forward.  I want to keep the taxes as low as possible but also assure the town has the services that are required to serve its citizens.

In summary I believe that, with my background of business and management skills, I would be a great fit for Select Board, and I would be honored to receive your vote.