Andover Recreation Needs Soccer and Basketball Directors

Must fill positions by mid-summer to continue programs

Press release

After a successful winter season of basketball and skiing, Andover’s Recreation Committee is looking to next fall’s soccer season with excitement. Sign-ups for fall soccer will be distributed through the AE/MS parent newsletter and online in June. As always, the Recreation Committee will be looking for volunteers to step into coaching roles for all ages.

This year, the Recreation Committee is also looking for new leadership for both the Recreation

Soccer and Recreation Basketball programs. These programs operate best when they have co-leaders to help handle logistics, scheduling, equipment, league fees, referee assignments, and volunteer coaches.

We share a huge thank you to outgoing director Scott Allenby for soccer and basketball. Scott, alongside tireless volunteer Alan Hanscom and other committee members, have helped keep our recreation  programs running for the past eight years and are ready to help the next set of directors as they transition into the role. Please reach out to Scott Allenby ( or Alan Hanscom ( if you are interested in stepping into one of these program leadership roles.

Without someone stepping into these program leadership positions by mid-summer, we will not be able to offer a soccer or basketball season next year and will seek to find alternative local recreation programs for Andover residents to join.