Andover Energy Group Sponsors a Climate Film

Thursday, May 18, 7 PM 

Press Release

The Andover Energy Group invites the community to a showing of “Once You Know,” a sobering 2020 film about climate change and its consequences, on Thursday, May 18, 7 PM at The Andover Community Hub.  In “Once You Know,” director Emmanuel Cappellin offers a unique perspective, both personal and universal, that focuses on the climate problem as not something approaching, but something already here, and charts how we can best live in this new paradigm while attempting to mitigate its worst effects.

As a Booklist review says, the film is “an eye-opening reminder that future generations will face the consequences of today’s actions, and that we each need to do the right thing.”

For more information, contact the Andover Energy Group (AEG) at or The Hub at or 603 735-5509. The Hub is at 157 Main St. and is fully accessible. The AEG is an informal group of residents interested in working locally to address environmental concerns.