Andover Students Study in Proctor’s Off-Campus Program

European Art, and Mountain Classrooms

By Scott Allenby
Andover’s Enrico Mori ’24 (back row center) is one of three Andoverites studying on Proctor’s off-campus programs this fall. Enrico is studying the off-campus program in the Mountain Classroom of the American Southwest. Photo: Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom

Proctor Academy is currently running four trimester-long off-campus programs this spring: European Art Classroom (Aix en Provence, France), Proctor en Segovia (Segovia, Spain), Mountain Classroom (American Southwest), and Proctor en Monteverde (Monteverde Region, Costa Rica).

Three Andover students are studying off-campus this spring as Helen Armstrong ‘23 and Phoenix Verite ‘23 studies on European Art Classroom, and Enrico Mori ‘24 studies on Mountain Classroom. Be sure to check out reports from these off-campus programs on Proctor’s website: