Join Us in Spring Cleaning of Gravestones

Saturday, June 3, 9 AM to noon

By Cheryl Swenson
The Andover Cemetery Trustees are preparing for gravestone spring cleaning, starting with the East Andover Church Cemetery on June 3 at 9 AM. Volunteers are welcome. Photo: Cheryl Swenson

It’s time for Spring Cleaning among the gravestones.  The first location we tackle this year is the East Andover Church Cemetery. I walked through just a few weeks ago and couldn’t decide which stones needed to be cleaned first!  There were so many in need of attention.

Please join our volunteer crew on Saturday, June 3, 9 AM – noon, in back of the Andover Community Church in East Andover. No prior experience is necessary.  We will give everyone instructions on how to clean the stones.  We will be using the simplest, gentlest, and least invasive method of cleaning gravestones – water and elbow grease!  If you are good with a soft scrub brush please join us.

We will have some cleaning tools and water available for use but it would be helpful if you could bring a soft brush (if you would use it on the hood of your car then it is safe for the stones), a spray bottle with water (an old Windex bottle for instance), and a plastic gallon jug of water as well.

We are a small but mighty group and have had a fun time working together. You will be surprised how much can be accomplished in three hours. If you have questions, please contact Cheryl Swenson 603 454-8249 or email at  We hope you decide to join us.