Freight House at Potter Place Opens for Summer

Museum also opens; volunteers needed

Press Release

The Freight House, located on Depot Road in Potter Place, will  be open on Saturdays, 10  to 2 PM, from May 27 to October 7. We have a wide assortment of items for sale, including tools, furniture, dishes, toys, jewelry, lamps, and other odds and ends. New items are arriving all the time. 

We accept items that are in good condition and it is best to check ahead of time. This is a good fundraiser for the Andover Historical Society, as well as a great way to furnish homes, camps, apartments, and dorm rooms at bargain prices. The museum buildings are also open, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 to 3 PM.
To keep all of the historical buildings open we need more volunteers. Please consider giving a couple of hours on a weekend to help us keep these unique buildings open. To volunteer, call Gail Richards, 603 498-6439 or Judy Perreault, 603 735-5493.