Technology Time – Introduction to New Series

Part 1 - Computer access in Andover

By Michaela Hoover

Technology is a huge part of our world today. We can instantly communicate with others, share information easily, and find out pretty much anything we want to know, all with our phones, tablets, and computers. But it is not always easy to learn how to use these devices or find what we need on the internet. 

That is where I come in! I am Michaela Hoover, the new Library Director at the Andover Public Library. Over the next few months in this Technology Time series, I will be highlighting some of our town’s technological resources and how you can best use them.

This month, I’ll start with technology access. If you need to use a computer in Andover, where can you go? Each of the Andover Libraries has a computer available for the use of our residents, plus librarians who can help you to look up the information you need. Each library also has free Wifi available, so you can bring your own phone, laptop, or tablet to use. 

There is a library open in Andover Monday through Saturday, with evening and weekend hours available. You can view our hours on the library page. The libraries also offer printing, scanning, and copying services. Scans are free. Black and white copies are 25 cents per page, and color copies are 50 cents per page.

You’re also welcome to stop by the Andover Public Library (11 School Street) during any of our open hours with technology questions about your own device. We are not technology experts, but we are able to guide you through many tasks, such as, downloading an app, sending a photo, or creating a document. If we are not able to help you, we will always point you in the direction of someone who can.

We are hoping to have special Technology Help Nights at the library in the future, and we are searching for volunteers. If you or someone you know loves technology and teaching others, please contact me, Michaela Hoover, at for more information on volunteering.

Join me here next month to learn more about the websites every Andover resident should know!