Andover Conservation Commission – Minutes, May 18, 2023

By Lee Wells

Members present: Tina Cotton, Jerry Hersey, Sooze Hodgeson, Nancy Robart, Nancy Teach, Lee Wells
Also attending: Donna Duclos

1. Surveyor for the McDonough Property 

Nancy Teach contacted two surveyors who were recommended by Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust (ASLPT): Central Land Surveying from Bristol, Colin Brown — estimate $2500; Pierre Bedard from New London — estimate $3700–$4000.

Jerry and Nancy Teach have both worked with Bedard and were impressed. Donna’s land was surveyed by Brown and she was impressed with him.

If Pierre Bedard is willing to match Colin Brown’s proposal, we would go with him; otherwise go with Brown. Nancy Teach will call Pierre Bedard and ask if he would be willing to match. Once we decide, we go to the Select Board; once they agree, we can have the check written.

2. Planning Board sub-group 

Chaired by Jake Gilman, going through its Master Plan review. It is good that we have representation on the Planning Board (Nancy Robart). There will be a meeting Saturday, June 10, at 9 AM. Sooze is willing to attend that meeting. Nancy Teach recommends that
if someone goes, they stick with it until the project is completed. Nancy Robart and Sooze will tag-team it to make sure that it is covered.

3. DOT meeting

June 27, 6 PM, at AE/MS.

4. Use of funds

We would like to use funds available from ARM (Aquatic Restoration Management) to
compensate the town for lost wetlands. Perhaps use that money to improve situation at Valley