Merrimack County Nursing Home Celebrates Successes

Offers new approved LNA licensing course

Press release

“I’m thrilled to see Merrimack County at its best, and as it serves as a shining example for other counties to follow suit,” said Representative Deborah Aylward, who is a member of the County Delegation submitting this piece of news. 

The Merrimack County Nursing Home, in Boscawen, as well as the Merrimack County Board of Commissioners, wishes to announce and celebrate the many recent successes of current nursing home staff. For the first time in almost 20 years, Merrimack County Nursing Home is offering in-house Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) training courses. Approved by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, Merrimack County now has the ability to train individuals to become Licensed Nursing Assistants without sending students to classes conducted by outside companies.  

The process begins by hiring students as trainees, during which they receive wage compensation while they remain actively engaged in the month-long training program that ends in official licensure upon passing an exam. When not in class, trainees maintain fulltime status by working in the nursing units. 

Recently, four newly hired trainees successfully completed the program, to which Administrator Moquin extended her congratulations. “We are thrilled to have them join MCNH and proud that they have passed their licensure exam!” Congratulations go out to Megan McKay, Jayme Roberge, Courtney Smith, and Alannah Vacher, shown here with Rachel Patten, RN/Instructor.

Merrimack County prides itself on the many stories of employees who have grown their careers internally, and the Merrimack County Nursing Home is working hard to add to those individual achievements for its employees by providing a clear path for career advancement. Through a rigorous application process, Merrimack County Nursing Home selects LNAs, who have been successful long-term employees with the county for the opportunity to attend a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program provided by LNA Health Careers.  

This challenging 11-month diploma program enables individuals to apply for licensure and to apply for the National Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. Recently, Merrimack County sponsored five individuals who successfully completed the program and graduated on August 4, 2023.  

Congratulations go out to Kati-Lee Benton, Stacia Correa, Heather Ford, Melissa Griffin, and Julie Wilson, pictured below. Nursing Home Administrator Heather Moquin said, “We are proud of their accomplishments and thrilled to have them advance their careers with the county as licensed nurses.”