View: Louise Andrus’s View From Concord — October

By Louise Andrus

Veterans, thank you for your service defending our freedom. Families of Veterans thank you for the sacrifice of your loved ones to defend our freedom. Without all the sacrifices all of you have made, we would not be free! 

There are many organizations that work with and help veterans. For example, the Tilton Veteran Home, Tilton, or the Liberty House, Manchester. They can use our help with donations. We need to help those that need help. Veterans have given so much to “We the People” to keep our country free.     

In our country there are some that in my opinion try dividing us. What do I mean? There are those that speak of someone like me and label me as an extremist because I believe that to make America great again is a reality. Let me be clear that I am not an extremist, nor a racist nor a bigot. 

If I believe that making America great again means to me that I love and  believe in my country; and that I believe in the United States and New Hampshire Constitutions; and I believe in drilling for oil as more oil production in our country will improve our economy and lower gas, diesel, and home heating prices, and in turn lowers food prices; and if it means believing that biological males should not be competing in biological female sports; or the fact that I honor and thank all veterans, police, and Emergency Service workers; or me believing that parents make any and all decisions for their child and no one else has that right; if believing in all of these things is wrong then I will stay who I am.

Last month’s newspaper article in The Beacon was an opinion letter regarding PragerU.  According to the article the writer went to the PragerU website and after that received unsolicited emails. I visited the website a couple of times but have never received one email from PragerU. 

On the website I could have put in my email address and then I would have received information from the website. The New Hampshire State Board of Education approved a financial literacy course with a vote of 5–0. PragerU is a “conservative” school, and  I don’t understand what the problem is with this one course. Our schools utilize many online programs daily.

Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) submitted by House and Senate members have been written into bills by the Office of Legislative Services (OLS) attorneys. I have two bills I have submitted: one is for a reconciliation certified by the moderator after an election and the second bill will be on fairness in women’s sports. I am looking forward to presenting both of these bills in 2024.

As for another opinion in The Beacon which states my obsession with the ratings of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and New Hampshire House Republican Alliance. Let me be clear that I do not have an obsession with these two groups.  Rather they align with what I believe in and I do not always vote with what they believe in. I have a mind of my own and I use it.  

I know the citizens in the towns of Andover, Danbury, Hill, Salisbury, and Webster that voted for me and I know what they stand for. The United States and New Hampshire Constitutions were written for the common good of everyone. Winston Churchill stated it simply but well said, “It is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people.” 

Happy Thanksgiving to all. It is hard to believe only two months and 2023 will be behind us. If I can be of help in any way, please let me know: Representative Louise Andrus, 406 Raccoon Hill Road, Salisbury; 603 648-2510;