News from Concord

By Deborah Aylward

Encountering Congressional Candidate Lily Tang Williams at a recent fundraising event and after hearing her very compelling story of overcoming communism to arrive in our great country where she has the freedom to pursue representation of District 2 citizens in Congress, I found that despite her petite stature, she is a real spitfire dedicated to preserving democracy. I decided to full-heartedly endorse Lily, and I invite you to learn more: 

About Lily Tang Williams – Lily Tang Williams for Congress;
TANG WILLIAMS: A Pocket-Sized U.S. Constitution Freed Me from Enslavement – NH Journal;
Lily4Congress – I Fear The Country I Love Is Becoming Like The Country I Left – YouTube.

I’m delighted to announce that our State Senator Dan Innis has agreed to co-sponsor the homemade food regulations reform bill (that I’ve previously mentioned), which is one small, but important step in the process. 

Wishing you and yours a warm, bountiful, and peaceful holiday season.