Robin Mayer – October 30, 2023

Robin Mayer, a longtime member of the counseling community, passed away on Monday, October 30, 2023, after battling cancer. Since 2008 she was a critical member of Proctor Academy’s Health Care Team where she left a legacy of compassion and healing that helped generations of students find the center necessary to navigate the complexities of life. Robin leaves behind a legacy of kindness, deep caring, and a wry, wonderful sense of humor.

Robin Mayer – October 30, 2023 (Robin’s beloved pets, Harper & Rory)

As a counselor, the notion of “set” counseling hours was somewhat of an anathema to Robin. Need trumped set hours, and that need frequently brought her into campus at unimaginable hours of the day and night. She worked whenever needed. She constantly put the wellbeing of others first and deeply contributed to the undergirding of support that every community rests upon. Her approach to narrative therapy allowed those working with her to both unburden and to learn in a natural way. She was a gifted teacher and healer.

In addition to her work at Proctor, Robin took immense pride in seeing a life-long dream of building and owning her own house come to fruition. She shared her house in Newbury with two beloved dogs, and often one of them would accompany her to work. Robin also enjoyed getting out in her kayak and paddle board to enjoy the quiet of the outdoors. As a member of the Proctor community, she was loved by many and her presence, her gifts of grace and wisdom and her innate generosity of spirit, will be deeply missed.

Robin was born in Groton, CT on July 1, 1954, to Rose Alice Mayer and Joseph Mayer, Jr. She attended both University of Vermont and New Hampshire. She was an avid skier, taking many runs at Suicide Six in VT. Along with Harper and Rory, her adored dogs, Robin is survived by her very loving sister Rose Shevenell and husband Tom, nephew David Shevenell (Tammy) and grandnephews Kaleb and Jacob.

If you would like to pay respects to Robin, take time to listen to a friend. Share time in the outdoors with family and take a nice walk in the woods or on the beach with your dog.