Wilmot Seeks Oldest Person Living in Wilmot for Boston Post Cane

Must have been born before Dec. 31, 1935

By Mary Fanelli

The Wilmot Historical Society (WHS) is seeking the oldest man or woman currently living in the Town of Wilmot in order to award him or her the Boston Post Cane. Any citizen of Wilmot, who was born before December 31,1935, is eligible.

If you are a possible candidate or know of a possible candidate, please contact Liz Kirby at 603 496-4883 or email her at <thekirbys172@nullgmail.com>.

The tradition of the cane began in 1909 when Edwin Grozier, publisher of the Boston Post newspaper, presented a personalized cane to the select boards of 700 towns throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Each cane had the name of the town etched into the bronze head. The directive was that the cane be given to the oldest citizen in the town.

Wilmot’s cane is on permanent display in the WHS history room in the Wilmot town offices. Each time a Boston Post Cane Holder is identified, a photo is taken of the person holding the cane, and it is then returned to the history room for safekeeping.

Each recipient receives a certificate of recognition and a framed photo of him or her holding the cane. A copy of the certificate and photo are posted both in the town office and on the historical society website.

Walter Willis Walker, a longtime resident of Wilmot and member of the Town of Wilmot history committee for many years, proudly held the cane from December 2020 until his death this past July.

Please respond by March 1, 2024. All responses will be promptly acknowledged by Liz Kirby, current president of the Wilmot Historical Society.