Amy Fecteau of Cedartree Farm Says “The Earth is my Church.”

Their farm provides local meat and vegetables

By Mario Ratzki
Cedartree Farm of Salisbury raises goats, pigs, and lambs for fresh local meat. Photo: Amy Fecteau

“The earth is my church,”says Amy Fecteau of Cedartree Farm located at 262 Franklin Road in Salisbury. Since 2017, when Amy and husband Stephen first opened their farm on their 10 acres of pastures in Salisbury, they have been working 7 days a week to provide meats and vegetables for the discerning buyers in Andover, Franklin and Salisbury.

Their animals are free range, and they feature goats, lambs, sheep and pigs. Amy started with raising goats (Nigerian dwarf goats and Boer goats) whose meat has fed millions of people around the world and are now becoming popular with the American public. The meat is tender, with good fat, and I, for one, can testify that goat shanks are delicious. Their lamb shanks are also succulent as are their pork chops, bacon, ribs and hams. They also grow vegetables, and they are now experimenting with native plants such as beach plums, hazelnuts, and elderberries. They do their “kidding” (baby goats) and “lambing” in February or March. This can keep them up at all hours of the day and night, but it is nevertheless rewarding work “even when you feel like screaming!” says Amy.

Cedartree Farm, located at 262 Franklin Road in Salisbury. Photo: Amy Fecteau

They will soon feature chickens, of course, free range, and they already sell eggs that have this wonderful deep yellow yolk. Customers can also order a whole or half of an animal and have it processed the way they want. Prices will fluctuate with the cost of feed. They will also begin to process pigs three times a year. “I think people like to know where their meat is coming from”, says Amy. 

Amy thinks her business has increased by 50 to 75%, and with the addition of chickens, the prospects are good for Cedartree Farm. She believes that “with hard work, which is very satisfying, we can provide food and become self-sustainable. “While both Amy and Stephen do work outside the farm – Amy works part time at the Barn Store, Stephen is a paramedic in New London. They have a five-year plan to dedicate themselves full time to the farm.

Amazingly, they also provide delivery of eggs and meats on Tuesday and Fridays. Visitors are welcome at their 1788 colonial, built by Benjamin Pettengill for his wife Hannah, but ask that people call first.

Free range eggs and meats, locally grown, sustainable, and environmentally friendly await you at Cedartree Farm. Give them a call at 603 648-2571.