Danbury Resident Disagrees with Select Board’s Position

By Deborah Aylward

The Town of Danbury Selectmen irresponsibly, in my opinion, voted to “recommend” an ill-advised $3M, 20-year bond for a so-called “safety center” (Article 4 on the ballot). In contrast, the Budget Committee wisely “does not recommend” the article.

Meanwhile, voters in the towns of Groton, Bridgewater, and Hebron will be voting on whether or not to secede from the Newfound School District. If successful, that will leave only four towns, including Danbury, to financially support the district’s schools. Danbury voters cannot possibly make an informed decision about substantial, long-term debt — without knowing the tax impact if those schools successfully secede.

The Selectmen had a duty to know about the school district issues and to vote “does not recommend” to avoid placing taxpayers at risk of potentially crushing taxation. Now is not the right time, Article 4 is not the right project, and being asleep at the wheel can cause catastrophe. Please vote NO on Article 4.