Andover Fish and Game Bucks-Only Results

There were 22 deer registered in the pool this year

By Rich Gross
1st Place winner of this year’s deer pool was Jeremy Hill, with a 208-pound, 10-point buck.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Bucks-Only Deer Pool. Thanks to everyone for their support of the Club and the Deer Pool. There were a total of 22 deer registered in our pool this year.

1st Place, Jeremy Hill: 208 lbs., 10 pt.
2nd Place, Matt Braley: 207 lbs., 10 pt.
3rd Place, Jeff Currier: 198 lbs., 12 pt.
4th Place, Bruce Wakefield: 189 lbs., 8 pt.
5th Place, Darren Gove: 178 lbs., 8 pt.
6th Place, Austin Reynolds: 168 lb., 8 pt.
7th Place, Zach Rivard: 167 lbs., 5 pt.
8th Place, Gary Currier: 165 lbs., 6 pt.
9th Place, Ryan Simula: 147 lbs., 9 pt.
10th Place, Chester Gowing: 147 lbs., 8 pt.
Average Weight: Ryan Simula and Chester Gowing
$75 Lucky Drawing: Mark White. $50 Lucky Drawing: Duane Barton