At the Polls — Town Elections — March 12

My name is Tina Nussbaum Wagler and I’m asking the community to vote for me as a Library Trustee for the Andover Libraries. Libraries are an essential part of our communities that provide many valuable resources to all ages. Libraries are also places for people in a community to connect with one another.

Tina Nussbaum Wagler — Candidate for Library Trustee

When my family moved to Andover in the summer of 2017, the library was one of the first places I visited in town. As an educator and a parent of two avid readers, a frequent trip for new books is a must in our house. The Library also helped provide resources to get to know our new community.

I have been lucky enough to serve as a Library Trustee for the Andover Libraries for the past
three years. I am amazed at how much has been accomplished in those years to support
existing patrons and also to reach more people in the community. 

I would be honored to continue my role as a Trustee. If elected, I’ll do my best to support the Libraries as they continue to grow and thrive, providing valuable resources to the community through books and much more. Please vote for Tina Nussbaum Wagler for Library Trustee.