At the Polls — Town Elections — March 12

The education of our community’s children through the Andover School District is of paramount importance to me, for both personal and professional reasons. Born and raised in New Hampshire, I can confidently say that the knowledge I acquired as a student of the New Hampshire public education system prepared me for any career endeavor I desired.

Lisa Burbach — Candidate for School Board

Within my own family, our New Hampshire public education produced an attorney, a doctor, a police officer, a computer scientist, and a teacher. Although I began my work life as a social worker for the State of New Hampshire, I transitioned to a multi-decade career in the field of Special Education because I believe all children are equally entitled to a free, appropriate public education.  I view the provision of quality public education for Andover’s children as a commitment shared by our community members as responsible citizens.

My perspective is that the main purpose and function of our School Board is to create policies aligned with state laws and local values and to develop and present an annual school district budget for Andover residents to consider and vote upon each March. With over a dozen years of professional administrative experience managing public school budgets (and reviewing policies), I believe I’m qualified to meaningfully contribute my voluntary service to the Town of Andover. 

I truly understand the context, significance, and impact of School Board decisions. Please accept my respectful request to vote for me to serve on the Andover School District School Board.