East Andover Village Preschool: May 2013

Registration still open for summer camp

By Elizabeth Janvrin, Director/Teacher

For the month of May, we boarded our rocket ship and headed on a trip throughout the Solar System. The group stopped at each planet and learned what makes it so special, designed their own constellations with a story, made a class book about our space trip, and used 3-d materials to create and represent their own rockets.

Another school year has come to an end at East Andover Village Preschool. The school year contained lots of exploring, creating, discovering, growing, and learning as we expanded our knowledge about ourselves, our families, our favorite stories, the winter holidays, pirates, fairy tales, the Circus, the Rainforest, and our Solar System. We are so proud of our group heading to Kindergarten next year, and cannot wait to hear about all of their accomplishments in the years to come. Graduation was celebrated on June 5 with our family and friends. We shared our favorite songs and activities in preschool, sang some songs about our hopes for Kindergarten, and looked back on our year together. The group, who will be remaining in preschool for another year or two, shared a wonderful picnic together with our families. We have lots of excitement for the next school year and what we will continue to learn and discover.

Our second year of summer camp is beginning with “Cruising to the Caribbean,” as we travel around the tropics and the ocean. The summer will continue with weeks such as “Dinosaur Dig,” “the Wild Wild West,” and “EAVP Olympics.” Each day our camp has gardening, sprinkler/outdoor play, and independent/group activities. Each week will include a trip or two down the rail trail, a trip to Story time at the Library, and a trip to an area in our community. Registration is still occurring for our camp – either a half day or full day option.

The enrollment process is still in progress for our 2013-2014 school year. Please contact Elizabeth at 735-5105, or eavp@nulltds.net for more information.