Stuffed Animal Library Sleepover Delights Andover’s Children

First "Stuffie Sleepover."

By Michaela Hoover
Stuffies enjoyed a special sleepover at the Andover Public Library in February. They listened to stories, played games, and even visited the fire station.

Did you ever wonder what your stuffed animals did at night when you were a child? In February, many Andover children were able to find out just that! The Andover Public Library hosted its first Stuffie Sleepover, where stuffed animals of all types were invited to enjoy an evening of fun at the library. 

The stuffies read books, played games, enjoyed a story time with the librarian, and even visited the fire station. The next day, the kids picked up their stuffies, had a special snack with them, and viewed a book of photos of their stuffies’ adventures.

If you’d like to see the photos from this magical event, stop by the Andover Public Library to view the book, or check out our Facebook page: Andover NH Libraries. We hope to host another Stuffie Sleepover in the near future, so be sure to keep up with all our library events!