Andover Highway Garage Work Update

By Les Fenton

Despite several inconvenient snow storms this spring, work on the building made steady progress toward completion. The heating system is complete, as is the artesian well, domestic water supplies and drains plus fixtures for the breakroom and restroom. The emergency egress lights, fire alarm system (with auto dialer), and gas detection/ toxic gas evacuation systems are complete. Exterior lights and vents, overhead doors are all operational.
Work on the septic system as well as the in-ground 1000 gallon propane tank are essentially complete. The storage/pipe yard is being prepared for a future salt shed which will bring us into compliance with DES regulations. There is a 22kw standby generator to run the facility when the power goes off, there is a chain link fence to protect the site from inappropriate access from Route 4. The site work contractor is currently awaiting consistent warm weather to apply the last layer of pavement and finish landscaping — hopefully in the next week or so.
With 90+% of the project complete, the focus will now turn (mid-May) to fitting out the interior with work benches, air compressor and piping, various tables, chairs and desks, a new welder, and other useful equipment enabling the crew to maintain our equipment and establish a safe, comfortable work environment.
The project continues to be under budget and ahead of schedule. An open house for the public is planned for the end of June or during the week of Andover’s Fourth of July celebration.